Monday, 4 August 2008

Designer tells "greenfly" to throw himself off a cliff

The Sunday World (South Africa) reports that acclaimed fashion designer David Tlale has been accused by a budding Jozi designer of being a greenfly in her milk. The accusation comes from Pfadzani Mphanama, who says Tlale has "ruined her career" by using her fashion trade mark name Exodus at his fashion shows, despite a letter from her lawyers warning him to refrain from doing so last year. Tlale apologised at that point, she says, maintaing that he didn’t know she owned the brand -- but Tlale has since told Sunday World that he owns the brand.

Says Mphanama:
"I’ve registered it with Cipro and I have patent rights to it. But he continues to say that he owns the brand. ... They think I’m a chancer. But I’m not. Tlale is and he is ruining my business and reputation".
The report states that Tlale asked to meet with Mphanama on Friday to sort the matter out, but that "the livid Mphanama told him to go and throw himself over a cliff".

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