Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Nigeria: the devastating effect of piracy

LeadershipNigeria has published an informative and well written "essay" by Michael Dibie on the damaging effects of piracy on global trade, stressing the extremely dire position in Nigeria which, according to the article, accounts for 80% of the pirated international music CDs. Apparently the piracy is so bad that the local music industry has actually called for a ban on the importation of music CDs. And it is not only the local music industry that is affected; the article cites the problems in the fast growing (yet hampered) Nollywood film industry book publishing and computer software. In addition, piracy is a cancer that spreads - with counterfeit product from Nigeria being found in Algeria, Senegal, Ghana, Zambia and South Africa. The "essay" is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in learning how the most populous country in Africa and greatest potential market for foreign investment on the continent, is crippled by the inability to properly deal with the problem - the request for stiffer penalties under local Copyright Act seems only part of the solution.

For more on the difficulties enforcing IP in Nigeria click here.

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