Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Shame on African publishers! the title of a article published by Solani Ngobeni, an academic publisher in the the Mail & Guardian online. Solani sets out some of difficulties and barriers in the African publishing industry but asks some intriguing questions about the poor state of publishing, particularly in RSA where he feels that there is simply no excuse in relying on overseas institutions to publish African works.

In answering some of his own questions he suggests that publishers need to run workshops and make the public aware that millions are invested in books and that authors invest their intellectual property. He also calls on the government to pass a transformation charter for the publishing industry.

Solani makes a point and readers may recall that fellow blogger Jeremy voiced his concern in an Editorial entitled "Intellectual property and Africa: the agony and the entropy" for issue 4 (April 2008) of the monthly Oxford University Press Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice. Blogging is of course a relatively easy and cost effective way for academics to publish and though not always appropriate (or even accessible) for all publishing it can contribute in a meaningful way. As a reminder, this blog remains intent on getting more contributions and contributors from all regions in Africa. If you have a piece to publish or are interested in blogging please send an email here.

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