Friday 26 September 2008


STRAP and CLAMP, Nigerian style

Just published in issue 5/2008 of the WIPO Magazine is an article, "STRAP and CLAMP – Nigeria Copyright Commission in Action", by Sylvie Castonguay (WIPO Magazine Editorial Team, Communications and Public Outreach Division). It explains tha activities of STRAP -- Strategic Action Against Piracy -- which was launched three years ago, and CLAMP -- the Copyright Litigation and Mediation Programme.

Photo: NCC Director General Adebambo Adewopo inspecting CDs, DVD and VCDs from the Wuse market in Abuja (NCC)

The article paints an encouraging picture of the attempts being made to turn back the tide of piracy, despite lack of resources and the "informality" of Nigeria's internal market, by a policy that promotes commercial education and enhanced consumer awareness as a constructive support for the legal sanctions route.



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26 September 2008 at 16:18 delete

My 7 year old friend here in Abuja saw this picture when I was reading the article in the WIPO magazine and asked what was going on. Explaining piracy to a 7 year old is not easy. "Pirates? Like on ships?" I told her they were similar because they take things that don't belong to them. When I finished telling her about what the pirates in the markets do, she jumped up and yelled, "that's not fair!"
If only the NCC could get every Nigerian to think that way.