Monday 22 September 2008


Welcome to Appfrica

Afro-IP has recently been introduced to AppFrica, the African IT News and Industry Portal. At present it just hosts the Timbuktu Chronicles, Afrigadget, BBC Africa and IT News Africa, but it is on the lookout for further blogs to host. It is also gearing up for conferences. Afro-IP wishes this fledgling venture the best of luck and looks forward to its success.



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Thanks for the mention but I need to clarify thigns quite a bit. hosts a number of blogs but none of the ones you mentioned. It's a bit confusing I realize, I'm working on a redesign right now ti improve that. Anyways, Appfrica's home page aggregates a number of very well known and very popular blogs. We don't host their content, we just drive traffic to their sites out of respect and admiration. The sites we do host are and as well as a software repository for African developers. We're looking to add sites to our network: sites that we'll offer free local hosting for and other resources. I spoke with Paul about making Afro-IP one of those blogs but as of right now you'd be the first new blog to join our family! Hope you consider it. Thanks!


Jon Gosier, Director