Monday, 29 September 2008

Zakumi released

Zakumi the FIFA World Cup 2010 (tm) mascot has been released! According to his report card "Zakumi is a jolly, self-confident, adventurous, spontaneous, and actually quite shrewd little fellow. He loves to perform and always follows his instinct and intuition, yet sometimes has the tendency to exaggerate a bit. You will often find him fooling about and teasing people but not in a mean way. He is warm-hearted and caring, and wants to make as many friends as possible." He is quite versatile too "The name ‘Zakumi' is a composition of ‘ZA' standing for South Africa and ‘kumi', which translates translates into ‘10' in various languages across Africa."

It is not often that a leo gets all maternal over a leopard. However, Afro Leo cannot help but think that releasing such a character into the wild is bound to get attention from the IP poachers. In fact it happened to an uncle, World Cup Willie, just last year. So it is with some relief that he spotted Zakumi in the company of some good IP lawyers at Spoor & Fisher. It is fortunate too that experience from cat fights like Sabel V Puma should help young Zakumi against any poachers.

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