Monday, 6 October 2008

FIFA trademark survey - overview

Following the OHIM Board of Appeal decision on the German FIFA trade marks, we asked readers of Afro-IP for their opinion on the validity of the South African equivalents. A total of 32 answers resulted in a resounding vote (nearly 80%) for possible cancellation of the equivalent South African FIFA marks on the grounds of non-distinctiveness. The results were:

24 Yes for cancellation
6 No
2 Maybe
The Afro-IP members now regret not asking for reasons - it is relatively easy to work out why most readers followed the OHIM decision, but on what grounds did the 6 'No' votes base their vote? As for the 'Maybe' votes- have you come to a definite decision yet?
Next time we will include 'room for a view' when we hold a poll, and if anyone wants to tell us why they reached their decision this time round, write to one of us and, if the opinion is suitable for inclusion in a family publication, we will post it here (with or without acknowledgement of source, as you prefer).

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