Monday, 3 November 2008

CC Africa global re brand

Luxury lodge and adventure travel company CC Africa (Conservation Corporation Africa) currently owns and operates numerous lodges in Africa and in India, and is soon to welcome guests to another corner of the globe - Latin America. The company has changed its name to &BEYOND to more appropriately reflect where and how it operates. Exporting their successful luxury responsible tourism model out of Africa has provided the company with the perfect opportunity to reassess their brand needs and to change their current name to one that evokes the notion of luxury adventure travel to many more beautiful wilderness places on the planet.

Rebrands are always a sensitive time for any company. Brands function on an emotional level and so it becomes vitally important that the image and feeling around the new brand is carefully communicated and managed to ensure that the rebrand is successful. From a purely legal point of view this new brand, which incorporates everyday words such as "and" and "beyond", will need a strong trade mark team and a dedicated budget to protect it.

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