Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Broca's area could be Africa

Advanced messaging technology group, Broca plc, slumped in quiet trading after warning investors that it would require additional funding by March 2009. The AIM listed company said that despite additional revenues from pilot programs of its mobile banking services with Telnet in Africa, it had witnessed "significant slippage" in the completion of a number of other licence contracts, according to ProactiveInvestors.

Broca’s website explains that its technology includes a new messaging product which is well-suited to direct response and consumer registration allowing consumers to sign up to services from the handset immediately regardless of location; this is particularly powerful for response to advertising seen on the move such as outdoor posters. Rather than the consumer having to remember or note a URL, they can send a text in to a shortcode and receive a registration text by response. Additionally, payment details such as credit cards can be taken with complete security. Sounds pretty cool!

One feels that Broca's technology could be well suited for a number of countries in Africa. For example it is complimentary to Google's investment strategy in Africa which is reportedly through the handset (as opposed to the computer terminal) and there are numerous reports indicating a telecoms and banking rush in Africa all of which indicate a growing market for Broca's technology. Amongst other things, robust IP regimes to protect Broca's technology in Africa would surely assist Broca attract funding and licensees.

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