Sunday 8 March 2009

Darren Olivier

Uganda anti-counterfeit legislation under scrutiny

Indian generic manufacturers are very concerned about the proposed Uganda anti-counterfeit legislation which,if enacted, would threaten their market in Uganda and surrounding territories. An article entitled "Ugandan move on patented drugs' import worries Indian companies" published by India's Business Standard describes the situation:

"Uganda, the fourth-largest importer of Indian medicines in Africa, is discussing a draft proposal to prevent entry of drugs defined as “counterfeit” for breaching intellectual property claims, which analysts here say will impair Indian firms’ ability to export drugs into that country."

"The proposed law also intends to make transit or trans-shipment of counterfeit goods illegal and allows border measures against such goods."

Readers may recall that a similar concern was raised against Kenya's draft anti-counterfeit legislation reported in Jeremy's post "India up in arms over Kenya's anti counterfeit bill".

What is your view - should generics be excluded from anti-counterfeit legislation?

Further south Les Laboratoires Servier is applying for an interim interdict to prevent Cipla Medpro from selling its generic perindopril medicine in South Africa. Afro Leo has now been told that the decision is postponed again! - this time "by no later than" 13 March. It is now over a month since the case was heard by acting Judge Da Silva. If you have forgotten what that case is about click here.

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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