Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Afro-IP in evidence in defamation trial

In the past few days Graeme Gilfillan from Nisaonline published a report that he had been sued for defamation by Samro, in part, for comments he posted to the Afro-IP Google Group. You can locate the note from Graeme here. The link to the piece which caused aggravation to Samro is contained through the link on the Afro-IP blog in this post, here.

This is a suggestion to readers who feel that this blog or one of its community has got it wrong, please feel free to either write to us or post the comment, correction or clarification yourself through the blog, anonymously if you like. Samro have published their own version of events on their site here albeit that the links to "SAMRO puts facts on record on the Brenda Fassie matter", "Fassie Royalty Matter to be resolved Out of Court" and others are not currently working at the time of this posting. Graeme, thanks for your input and we await news of the outcome of your case.

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