Tuesday, 12 May 2009

All change

Afro Leo linked to the FT this morning to find out that the European Central Bank had signalled that the global downturn has bottomed out (FT's believe-it-or-not article here). He then peaked onto IPKAT and noticed that Google will extend a scheme that allows companies to use their rivals' trademarks for online advertising to 194 countries (read about the impact here). He then read an email from a good friend that he was changing his adopted name back to his birth name after he met up with his biological father after 36 years. Significant changes indeed.

And, congratulations to RSA based luxury safari group &Beyond whose website was nominated as a finalist in the travel sector of the highly acclaimed international Webby Awards, one of the first South African companies to achieve this recognition. Four other contenders were listed in the travel sector including Lonely Planet and the eventual winner - http://www.kayak.com

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