Wednesday, 24 June 2009

MIP to focus on Africa -- at last!

Managing Intellectual Property magazine is to publish its first-ever special focus on Africa in its September 2009 issue. In recognition of the growth of IP issues throughout Africa, the focus will cover general issues such as anti-counterfeiting, filing strategies and traditional knowledge protection, as well as country/region-specific issues.

The September issue will be available to all Managing Intellectual Property subscribers from September 1 and will also be distributed at several IP conferences, including the Brand Protection Show and the MARQUES, IPO and AIPPI annual meetings. For more information about the focus, and for any editorial/advertising enquiries, contact MIP's Harry Loweth.

Afro Leo is pleased to see that Africa has at last been recognised as being worth focusing on. He promises to report on the contents of the focus for the benefit of his readers.


goldenrail said...

About time. Although I have to admit, as more of the world begins to focus on Africa for IP reasons, I get a bit worried. Are their intentions all good?

Jeremy said...

It's in the category of "enlightened self-interest", I believe. MIP is there to make money, but it knows that it stands to gain when Africa's markets, R&D facilities, healthcare and consumer purchasing power are a lot better than they are now -- and it believes that better IP is part of the solution, not part of the problem.