Monday 6 July 2009

Darren Olivier

Benoni beefs up its military (IP) capabilities

Benoni (South Africa) is famous for Charlize Theron, Bryan Habana, Vernon Koekemoer and the Bunny Park! However, it seems it can also lay claim to the R&D (and recently, some related IP) in a sequence of light armoured and protected vehicles - the RG31-RG34 (Left - the RG34).

According to Engineering News, Benoni-based BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa has purchased the IP in the RG 34 light armoured design. Ironically, the vehicle was orginally designed and developed in South Africa, by specialist engineering enterprise Industrial & Automotive South Africa, under a contract from Sabiex.

As a result, the prototype vehicles were built in Belgium and the IP belonged to Sabiex. Originally named Iguana by Sabiex, the vehicle has been redesignated as the RG34 by Land Systems South Africa, to fit it in with the now globally known sequence of light armoured and protected vehicle families developed in Benoni – the RG31, the RG32, and the RG33. The RG31 and RG33 families are Mrap vehicles, while the RG32M is a protected patrol vehicle.

Right: Did Benoni Inspire Bugs Bunny?

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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Afro Leo is reliably informed "Oi! Vernon is from Boksburg. Biiiiiiig difference between Benoni and Boksburg!!!!! ;-)" by a partner at DM Kisch. For those asking who the hell is Vernon Koekemoer? Afro Leo says "good question"!