Monday 2 November 2009


African nations score poorly for entrepreneurship, innovation in latest Legatum index

PR Newswire reports on the third edition of the Legatum Prosperity Index, which ranks 104 countries (covering 90% of the world's population) by criteria of prosperity that combine economic growth together with measures of happiness and quality of life. According to this news item,

Thanks to strong communities and democratic institutions, South Africa is the highest ranked sub-Saharan African nation, placed 51st, closely followed by Botswana at 56th. The majority of African countries rank in the bottom 15 with the Central African Republic, Sudan and Zimbabwe ranked dead last at 101st, 103rd, and 104th respectively. ...
Key Findings from the 2009 Legatum Prosperity Index

- All but two Sub-Saharan African countries rank within the bottom 25% of the rankings for entrepreneurship and innovation. ...

- The Central African Republic ranks lowest globally for both entrepreneurship and innovation and health. ...


51. South Africa
55. Botswana
64. Mali
67. Namibia
71. Tunisia
83. Ghana
84. Senegal
85. Morocco
88. Egypt
89. Mozambique
92. Zambia
96. Algeria
97. Kenya
98. Tanzania
99. Nigeria
100. Cameroon
101. Central African Republic
103. Sudan
104. Zimbabwe



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