Thursday 11 February 2010


Egypt moves towards Creative Commons copyright licence

In her recent article "Egyptian License Draft Open for Public Discussion", Michelle Thorne cites some significant recent achievements notched up by Creative Commons in terms of copyright licensing in the Arab world. These include the first BY-NC-SA draft to be adapted to Egyptian law (you can read it in the original here).

Afro Leo reminds his readers that Creative Commons is an ingenious device by which copyright owners can give potential users of their work guidance as to what sort of use, if any, they can make of their work without needing to look for them and contact them in order to negotiate a permission. BY means "attribution only", NC means "non-commercial" and SA means "Attribution-ShareAlike". He also notes that, of all the countries in Africa, only South Africa has an up-and-running Creative Commons scheme, though there are ongoing projects to introduce CC licences into Tanzania and Tunisia too.



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18 February 2010 at 09:23 delete

There is also a project in Nigeria and a few others getting ready to start soon.