Monday, 17 May 2010

Grand Advertising

In August last year, the ASA Directorate ruled that an electronic billboard advertising The Grand strip club contravened Clause 14 of Section II (dealing with the potential effect of advertising on children)of the Code of Advertising Practice. The billboard showed woman dressed provocatively dancing up against poles while men watched and the Directorate was concerned that children would be confronted with images that they may not be mature enough to “correctly contextualise and interpret”. The advertiser was instructed to remove the billboard and not to use it again in the future.

More recently, a consumer complainant lodged a similar complaint regarding a second electronic billboard advertising the club. It appeared that the billboard complained of was the same as the one previously ruled against by the Directorate, who went on to consider the matter as a potential breach of the previous ruling, and not as a new complaint. It therefore did not consider the merits of the complaint. It appeared that the advertiser had merely relocated the first billboard instead of removing it from public view.

The Directorate ruled that the advertiser was in breach of the previous ruling and was again instructed to remove the billboard immediately and not use it again in future. In addition, the complainant has been afforded 10 working days to comment on whether sanctions are appropriate.

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