Monday, 26 July 2010

ARIPO's voice and a counterfeit reminder

Last week Afro Leo got in touch with ARIPO to find out more about its services and had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Charles Satumba, the Assistant Librarian/Documentation Officer and one of the editors of the ARIPO newsletter. Charles was kind enough to scan and send sample newsletters for 2010 and I have pleasure in linking to them here and here. Packed with content about African IP and developments at ARIPO this wonderful source of news can be subscribed to by emailing Like AFRO-IP, I am sure that they would welcome contributions too.

A quick scan of recent news reveals that another significant counterfeit seizure has taken place in Durban involving goods valued at R40 million (around $5 million) - the IOL report here. Meanwhile, Kenya's Daily Nation, runs another reminder of the significant problem of counterfeiting in the the printing industry. Counterfeiters are packing fake products in genuine packaging - a practice that is apparently rampant in African countries Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt. Kenya's new anti-counterfeit legislation cannot be implemented fast enough.

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