Monday, 19 July 2010

Can Cipro do a Louis?

South Africa's embattled Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (Cipro) confirmed on Wednesday that, as from July 14, 2010, certified copies of identity documents would be required for all future applications and transactions. Creamer Media carries the story of how Cipro is trying to tackle corruption here.

Meanwhile, users of Cipro's services ranked it stone last in a recent performance study undertaken by John Olsen and Nicholas Bolter of EAPD and published in Managing Intellectual Property here. The blog has published much of the criticism of Cipro's services over the last few years and also visited Cipro's offices for more information. There is a genuine attempt to improve performance at the Office and Afro Leo knows how disappointed some of the staff will be on learning of this study. One just gets the feeling that they need much more support and resource, and are hampered by a government that does not appear to truly recognise the crucial importance of the Office as a gateway to business in RSA and its role in generating a knowledge based economy.

On a more celebratory note, with unassuming African Louis Oosthuizen winning the Open Championship on Madiba's birthday yesterday, one wonders if the number 57 and "Shrek", which seem to be distinctive features of his persona, will be exploited by his management company taking advantage of his new found fame in the coming months. If they do then Cipro will be asked to look after his rights in RSA.

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