Friday, 22 October 2010

Where in Africa is Afro Leo?

It’s Friday and Afro Leo has decided to take a break from it all. What better than to safari in one of Africa's premier wildlife destinations just before the rainy season (perhaps even keeping an eye out for meerkats eating jam). Here are some clues:

· Over 70% of the country is covered by desert;
· It is the world's largest producer of diamonds;
· It has the continent's longest multi-party democracy and is one of the great development success stories;
· Registered trade marks become vulnerable to cancellation on the basis of non use after three years;
· IP licenses must be registered to be effective;
· Adequately protecting rights to traditional knowledge is a serious challenge for government, especially as it is home to an ancient hunter-gatherer tribe;
· Patents undergo a substantive examination;
· It is about the size of France;
· It is well known in popular culture for The Gods Must Be Crazy, Meerkat Manor and the inspired Afrikaans hit "Die Meerkat eet nie jam nie"


Pedro Malaquias said...

South Africa!

Darren said...

Pedro, it is hardly a clue but the Leo is further north

Martin Chinnery said...


Darren said...

Martin, this email from a subscriber may assist:

"’s population, for a country the size of France, is 1.9 million, and its current biggest domestic music seller and cultural export is “Culture Spear”. When you greet a Motswana, you say “Dumela”.

XXX is also one of the countries where seismic activity has caused rivers to flow in different directions....

As the Matswana say...”Tsmaya sentle Rre”..Go well Sir"

Pedro Malaquias said...


Martin Chinnery said...

Thanks for the music tip Darren! Botswana is where Afro-Leo is this week.....