Tuesday, 15 February 2011

South Sudan: one to watch

Contributing to the OBSCURE IP Group on LinkedIn (here) Robert Cumming writes:
"South Sudan

The creation of South Sudan as a political entity seems to have gone smoothly so far. By all accounts the country has more pressing issues to be resolved than trade marks law.

However, I would be interested to learn what are the transitional provisions for existing Sudanese registrations and whether these require re-registration and, indeed, when a South Sudanese trade marks office might open".
Afro Leo isn't sure what's happening there either -- and speculation might be premature. However, he hopes that anyone who has any information about IP developments in either part of Sudan will keep this weblog informed.

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MDM said...

A colleague of mine in Juba reports:

I have indentified IP laws as priority laws that need to be passed once we become independent, but believe me, of 130+ new laws that we need to pass at the stroke of midnight on July 10, IP laws are not high in priority.