Friday, 1 April 2011

IPLESS, Homogenisation and Ambush Marketing

Often it takes crisis to create unity. Over the past few months Africa has witnessed the birth of a new state in Sudan and significant unrest in Egypt and Libya. Breaking news is that influential stakeholders in those countries have met with South African representatives to create a new regional IP system in Africa - IPLESS (Libya, Egypt, South Sudan and South Africa). A directive will shortly be drafted grounded on a need to homogenise (rather than harmonize) the laws and cultures of the member states, to create an efficient system for the registration and enforcement of IP across the territory. The directive will be known and the Homogenisation Directive and the hope is that it will be Africa's opportunity to lead IP developments not only in Africa but in the Middle East.

Other exciting news is that, following the cancellation of the F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain, the new race will be held at the Kyalami race track in South Africa. South Africa has been chosen, in part, because it is expected that its favourable ambush marketing laws and no tolerance approach demonstrated during the Football World Cup will maximise profits for the organisations and sponsors (one of which includes Bavaria).


Warren Weertman said...

This truly is a leap forward for the African continent and one that I hope all parties concerned embrace in a serious and concerted manner.

Craig Kahn said...

Very interesting. It would be nice to know who the influential stakeholders in the countries concerned are and, particularly, who the South African representatives were.

How does IPLESS fit in as a regional IP system compared to ARIPO and OAPI? Where does PAIPO fit in with these developments?

Njuguna said...

As Craig has posed, what became of PAIPO and where does the new outfit fit in? Perhaps more information will be forthcoming once the IPLESS website is up.