Sunday, 5 June 2011

Nigerian IP goes online

From Bolanle Olowu (partner, IPI Watch Services, Lagos) comes news that the following announcement was published on Thursday 2 June in Thisday:
"The Commercial Law Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry; the Intellectual property arm of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has launched its online registration portal, for the registration of Trademarks, Patent and Designs and will commence online operations from 6th of June, 2011.

The services will provide
i. Online search application
ii. Online registration of Trademarks, Patent and Design
iii. Online Payments for services
iv. Online Application for Certificates".
Afro Leo has visited the site which, he is happy to report, looks pretty smart.  He hopes that it will match both the expectations of the Ministry and the needs of the IP community.


Anonymous said...

At last! the good news we've all been waiting for. At least, this provides the much needed confidence and boost to the system.

Billions of dollars are sloshing around the country anyway, so fingers crossed - this service should be maintained for good.

Who knows, the Government or the relevant Ministry probably must have subscribed to IPKat; or possibly, the Bedding v INEC case experience reported and analysed here must have been the kick up the backside.

Nonetheless, thumps up to the J.Goodluck administration.

Sogo Oye said...

hi Leo, a lot of the links on the site are still empty but lets keep our fingers crossed and hope it wont end the way CAC's online portal did.

Anonymous said...

IP registration online! Good news you say. May be its me, may be the server is down or maybe there is no light which ever one the only thing you get from the site is ERROR!

Anonymous said...

Still not available as at 28th June, 2012. More than a year after the launch! Disappointing, real disappointing. Why can't these things be gotten right. Its not difficult thing to own a working website na!