Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Brief Paws

Posing content, today
This is Afro-IP’s 1001th post, which is a little milestone in the effort to compile and archive information, news and views about African IP. Apart from being a rather fun exercise it is also satisfying to briefly reflect on this note from Managing IP's Guide to Trade Mark Blogs in 2008.

"Afro-IP arose from a concern that there was no decent source from which to obtain reliable news concerning IP developments in Africa and nowhere to put it once you’d got hold of it. This is because, while most of Africa faces the same crippling problems of counterfeits, border controls, deficient technology transfer, detection and enforcement of infringers, the continent is split between nearly 60 jurisdictions and many different legal cultures. This makes conventional for-profit IP publishing in the form of law reports, practitioners’ texts and scholarly writing a largely untenable proposition. The weblog, in contrast, is free, easy to update and increasingly accessible."

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