Monday, 4 July 2011

International Intellectual Property Law Conference! That's right in Stellenbosch

If there is one common denominator to the South African names Rupert, Mostert and Dean it would be no small measure of influence and success which is why Afro Leo is delighted by news of their joint interest in the latest project affecting RSA IP. Their names have cropped up together in the growing IP hub of Stellenbosch through the appointment of Dean as first Chair of IP - the late Anton Mostert Chair - sponsored by Rupert, at the University:

Although Intellectual Property Law is taught in South African law faculties, there is a lack of high-level, research-driven emphasis in the field. With a view to the demands of a globalised world economy, the Chair will make a unique contribution – particularly in relation to the implementation and functioning of intellectual property law in the international context and the challenge posed by a borderless world of internet-based digital communication to traditional views on intellectual property,” (Proff Lubbe - Dean of the Faculty of Law)

Kicking off the initiative is their International Intellectual Property Law Conference held on 1-2 September. The program, which includes some of the leading IP names locally and internationally, should get you to a plane! Not to be missed - check it out here and register here.

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