Tuesday, 2 August 2011

CIPC TM filings set for a record year

Finally, some really good statistics on national trade mark filings in South Africa. The single class application office (CIPC) looks set to file well over its record of 32000 odd applications filed in 2006. Like at most national offices, trade mark filings in South Africa dipped during the recession. RSA was particularly hard hit though with an 18% drop in 2009 over the 2006 high. Applications filed during the 12 month period since the World Cup in 2010 have also surpassed the 32000 number.

The trend is in line with rebound figures released from trade mark offices in the USA and in Europe with a lag of about 6-12 months. However, Afro Leo is particularly upbeat about the performance of the RSA national office which has also taken great strides in reducing its examination time of pending applications, now publishes its opposition decisions and directives online, and is waiting for final approval to appoint four hearing officers to reduce the opposition backlog.

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