Thursday 18 August 2011

Darren Olivier

Sudan - Utility Models and efficiencies

Two pieces of news just in from NJQ & Associates about IP developments in Sudan:
"As you may know, there were no provisions in the Law to protect Utility Models in Sudan, however and after negotiations with the Register, it will now be accepted and treated as patent application until amending the Law."

"The Sudan Intellectual property Office (SIPO) is now taking measurements in order to speed up the prosecution of the applications, and it is now taking 4 months from the date of filing to submit all required documents.

...any application filed at SIPO will be transferred to examination after all needed documents are submitted in the file. However the maximum time given to submit the required documents for all types of applications is 9 months from the date of filing the application, failing to comply with this will lead to cancellation of the application.

Upon acceptance and payment of publication fees, the application will be published in the next coming issue of official Gazette. Needless to say that the Gazette is issued every 3- 4 months, subject for opposition period of 8 months."
NJQ & Associates invite anyone seeking further clarification to email them at

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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