Monday, 5 September 2011

Nigeria, UK to cooperate -- but exactly how?

The UK government's News Distribution Service announces a development that may be of some long-term significance to one of Africa's most important markets. According to the text:
"A landmark copyright agreement has been signed between the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and counterparts from Nigeria. The agreement is the first of its kind between the IPO and an African country, and will improve international cooperation on copyright issues between the two nations.

The move follows the UK Government’s acceptance of the recommendations made in the Hargreaves Review of intellectual property and growth. The review highlighted that the UK should continue to pursue international interests in intellectual property.

Minister for Intellectual Property Baroness Wilcox said:
“Effective copyright law in the UK and Nigeria is essential for the future growth of both nations’ creative industries. Businesses need to have confidence in the intellectual property systems of other countries if they are to prosper in international markets.
“This agreement will create opportunities for information sharing as well as opportunities for training and development in the UK and Nigeria.”
The agreement was signed today (5 September) in London by the IPO’s Chief Executive John Alty and Chief Executive of the Nigerian Copyright Commission, Afam Ezekude".
Afro Leo wonders (i) what is the international cooperation that will be improved by this agreement, (ii) what sort of information is going to be shared and (iii) what sort of opportunities for training and development the two countries have in mind. Do any readers know?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, free travel to the UK, stay in a 5 star hotel (all expenses paid by the Nigerian government) and leave achieving absolutely nothing in the end! WIPO offer the best possible benefit when it comes to these sort of IP co-operative schemes.

Ayo Solarin said...

The UK IP Office now have the opportunity to bring the Nigeria Copyright Commission to recognise and accept a subsisting reciprocal representation agreement between the Performing Rights Society of England [PRS]/ the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society [MCPS]and Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria [MCSN] which would go a long way in resolving the palava over who has the legal right to performing/ broadcast/mechanical rights in Nigeria.