Tuesday, 20 September 2011

TK Bill reprieve .. but don't forget to vote

The debate in the National Assembly on the TK Bill due today has been postponed (see tweets (below) from Portfolio Committee member Tim Harris over the past week). 

 Tim Harris 

The IP Amendment Bill has also been withdrawn from the order paper. Good day for traditional knowledge & press freedom. http://www.businessday.co.za/Articles/Content.aspx?id=153725

 Tim Harris 

1-way traffic in committee on the IP Amendment Bill today. Opposition proposals to better protect traditional knowledge bulldozed by the ANC

 Tim Harris 

Not as sexy as the Secrets Bill, but my 2 wk fight in committee just extended protections in the IP Amendment Bill to all communities in SA

The Bill is expected to be referred back to the parliamentary committee for errors to be corrected. (Die Burger)

For those interested in how legislation is passed in RSA, there is a useful summary on page 6 of this report.

Please don't forget vote on the Poll alongside. Your views are important.

PS: amidst the deluge of updates you received yesterday (apologies) Afro Leo is concerned that fellow blogger Paul's post that Rwanda has joined ARIPO may have gone unnoticed. Check it out.

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