Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Update: TK Bill, Brand Africa and China

With only four days left to vote on the TK Bill almost 50% of the voters believe that the Bill needs serious re-drafting while 25% believe that TK is not even worthy of protection. Nobody believes that the Bill is "nearly ready". Afro Leo's attempts to email the head of the Portfolio Committee accused of "bulldozing" the Bill through - Joan Fubbs (pic) - for comment have been ignored. Please take a moment to cast your vote alongside here. For those interested in how other countries have dealt with TK, WIPO's website here is a very useful resource.

For the first time, pan-African consumers have been given an opportunity to vote for their most admired and valued brands. The continent’s most valued brands will be revealed at the inaugural Brand Africa100 Awards to be held in Johannesburg on September 29, 2011, at the Sandton Convention Centre. Brand Finance plc is responsible for the valuation work. More information here.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government recently made this statement in connection with the plight of people living in the Horn of Africa. "The international community should actively support African countries in realizing food security and development, provide greater assistance to Africa's agricultural development, and adopt more favorable policies toward African countries in terms of intellectual property, market access and technology transfer." Clarification required here please: the problem of asking for a relaxation of IP laws is that it may facilitate the spread of counterfeit goods, which mainly come from China, risking food security and general health even further.

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