Sunday 27 November 2011


A to Z of African official IP websites no.24: Guinea-Bissau

In this, the 24th week in which Afro-IP's intrepid web-explorer Kingsley Egbuonu has gallantly trawled the internet in search of an online presence for the intellectual property offices of Africa's many and varied nations, Kingsley reaches the little-known region of Guinea-Bissau. Sadly, G-B is not a fertile ground for official online IP services. Kingsley reports his findings here:

Guinea-Bissau is a member of the OAPI and a contracting party to the Paris Convention, the Berne Convention and the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization.
Copyright Office

  • The Guinean Copyright Society (Ministry of Education, Youth, Culture and Sports) is the office responsible for copyright and related rights in Guinea-Bissau.
  • Currently, this office has no web presence.
Industrial Property Office(s)

  • The General Directorate of Industrial Property (Ministry of Trade and Industry) is the competent office responsible for the administration of intellectual property rights in Guinea-Bissau.

  • Currently, this office has no web presence.
Social Media Presence
Like most members of the OAPI club, Guinea-Bissau is yet to establish a web presence for its IP office(s). Perhaps, IP is not on its development agenda and it is also often the case that a lack of web presence means less activity in the area of IP on the ground.
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