Monday, 5 March 2012

Breaking news: new Head for Nigerian IPO

Hajia Ahmadu Suka, Nigeria's Registrar of Trade Marks, Patents and Designs for the past five years, retired last Friday as Head of the Registry. Haija's duties have been taken over by Mrs Chinyere Agbai, a legal practitioner and Senior Assistant Registrar at the Registry, who will be Acting Registrar.

Thanks go to Aluko Folarin (Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Intellectual Property Institute) for this news and to Kingsley Egbuonu for letting Afro Leo know.


Craig Kahn said...

Hajia is a lady and managed to do a lot for the Nigerian PTO during her term including more regular publication of the Trade marks Journals. May people may not know but many of the Nigerina PTO staff are qualified lawyers which is unusual fro Africa.

Anonymous said...

Craig, no one is sure about anything IP in Nigeria (from outside), there is lack of information or apathy amongst the few suitably qualified IP professionals in Nigeria. In a country of over 150m people, no single comment on their IP state of affairs.

Your last sentence ruined the positivity in your comment overall. This complacency is interesting coming from South Africa where IP is handled better all round by more qualified practitioners. You wonder why African IP Summit 2012 is coming near you.