Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Morocco takes a closer look at IP and the electronic press

The Moroccan Ministry of Communication has recently organized a study day in Rabat on the electronic press in order to modernize the sector and to build a legal framework. According to Communication Minister Mustapha El Khalfi
""... the number of internet subscribers has reached 3.2 million, while the total number of those using the internet is at 16 million, and under that mode Morocco became an industry leader at the Arab, African and Mediterranean level.  Morocco is suffering in this field from a legal vacuum and the absence of clear public policy allowing this rising and promising sector to flourish,.  We have a paradox--on the one hand there is digital progress, and on the other there are political, legal and managerial shortcomings. The government is looking to launch a new era for this field on the basis of freedom and responsibility and is convinced of the fact that this sector, in which young people are active, is an opportunity to enhance the competitiveness of Morocco in this aspect". 
The President of the Moroccan Association for Electronic Journalism, Adil Klei, alluded specifically to IP in his observation that electronic media regulation has three key areas: intellectual property and journalistic ethics, specialized training for electronic journalism and the maintenance of a professional environment through legal institutions.

Source: Talal Abu-Ghazaleh March News, released 18 April 2012

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