Tuesday, 22 May 2012

South Africa - IP in action

A few IP snippets relating to IP in RSA attracting Afro Leo’s attention this week:
Mergers and acquisitions involving foreign investment in South African companies are growing significantly as foreign investors see SA as a springboard into the rest of Africa. However, they come with certain risks, which some believe warrant the introduction of a specialised insurance product [especially for the intellectual property risk].” BusinessDay
Afro Leo thinks that the risk is overstated. Register your IP, get good advice, be vigilant and it’s no more risky than other developing nations, for most African nations.
BankservAfrica, Africa's largest automated clearing house, has invested in the local payment industry and the growth of the sector by awarding two payment companies a combined interest-free loan to the value of R1.2 million. To this effect we will use some of the funds to assist in patenting the intellectual property developed around very specific payment products.” BusinessReport
Afro Leo thinks that it is encouraging that IP is high on the budget sheet when new funding comes in.
PetroSA launches SA’s first academic fuel research centre. The R36m facility, named the PetroSA Synthetic Fuels Innovation Centre, will be a hub for the company’s gas-to-liquid research. PETROSA’s first academic fuel research centre would not only improve the company’s gas-to-liquid processes, but also increase SA’s intellectual property, University of Western Cape (UWC) vice-chancellor Brian O’Connell said at the launch on Wednesday.” BusinessDay
“ Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill currently in the in-tray of South African President Jacob Zuma and awaiting a signature, holds the hope that it will finally pave the way for the protection of the country’s most famous red tea, Rooibos, as well as other local staples. IPWatch
Afro Leo thinks that these are two good news stories for those in government seeking to promote IP and kick start a tech transfer industry under NIPMO in RSA.
And, take look at Myows -  RSA’s own collaboration of diverse talents seeking to protect and enforce copyright for creatives. Nice work gents.

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