Thursday, 26 July 2012

BMW go spare over imported parts: can you help?

Afro Leo wonders if you
can still get spare parts for
this BMW Isetta ...
"BMW 'astonished' by defeat in South African design infringement case" is the title of this article in Business Day which appears to be as much a trade mark infringement matter rather than a design dispute. The defeat follows a 13-year battle regarding the importation of spare parts into South Africa and an associated design infringement case launched by BMW which it lost last week and presumably may appeal.

Writing on the Automotives + IP LinkedIn Group, Lee Curtis (Harrison Goddard Foote, England) asks if anyone has any further information about this case. If you can help him, please do. You can post information below or email him here.


Darren said...

Jeremy, Lee - judgement link here:

Lee Curtis said...


Thanks. Also if anyone wants to join the Automotives+IP LinkedIn Group, please feel free to apply and I can approve your membership. The group is open to all with an interest in IP in the automotive sector and anyone is free to post stories into the group.

All the best.