Sunday, 15 July 2012

Olympic springboard beckons for Brand Kenya

Brand Kenya is to make the most of the forthcoming London Olympics as a way of projecting the country in a bright, positive manner before a global audience.  The country is to be showcased in Kenya House,

As the official home to the Kenyan National Olympic Committee during the games, Kenya House is a window into the wealth of unique opportunities the country has to offer, from visionary investments and trading ideas to its rich cultural heritage and dominance in tourism to Africa. The House will be open to the public for a number of events reflecting trade, tourism and export opportunities in the country. Visitors will also be able to watch live coverage of the Kenyan team competing in their various disciplines on the House’s big screens.

this sounds to Afro Leo like a great initiative and he wishes it well.  Are other African nations making use of the London Olympics as a springboard for trade promotion, he wonders?

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