Monday 20 August 2012


A review of African official IP websites: no.6 Burundi

BurundiLast year, Afro-IP reported, with optimism, that Burundi's intellectual property office (IP) had a web presence; this is no longer the case as of today. Further in his web space quest, this Leo found nothing on Burundi and IP including the responsible Ministry. So far in our review series, the following countries have faltered or still digitally stagnant: AngolaBeninBotswana and Burkina Faso. Sadly, Burundi has joined the faltering club.

Perhaps, it may well be that it could no longer afford to have its IP office online and/or that it has other pressing matters to contend with. (Certainly, Afro Leo is not remotely convinced with any of these assumptions)

Anyway, this Leo ponders: considering that Burundi's economy is predominately based on agriculture, and knowing how the Ethiopians have used IP, would Burundi benefit from a similar model?

Apparently, China and Burundi are 'true friends' see here
Ethiopia's coffee brand to be promoted in China see here
Burundi's revenue from tea exports rose by 11% see here



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