Wednesday, 6 February 2013

At last, ARIPO gets a face-lift

Generally, information on intellectual property matters are quite hard to come by across the African continent.  It would have been ideal to get key information such as updates on IPRs administration from the websites of IP offices across Africa; unfortunately, we are yet to reach that stage. 

In 2011, this Leo took on the task to explore (if any) the websites of the IP offices in Africa (see here for a recap); it was indeed a roller coaster. During his trek, he did not hesitate to scrutinise the websites of the current regional IP organisations, OAPI and ARIPO. He expressed his disappointment (see here, here, and here) but hoped for change. He finally got it. Afro-IP is  pleased to report that ARIPO has now raised the stakes with a brand new and neatly presented website. Check it out at  

Afro Leo is not sure when this happened and is left wondering whether it is the swift achievement of the new Director General, Fernando Dos Santos. If so, what an impressive way to start your tenure with a revamp of the public image of such an important organisation. Hopefully, ARIPO can now support (although the responsibility of respective governments) those Members States who are struggling with their online presence despite the value proposition statement below (which Afro Leo interprets as: "do not bother about a website because we have you covered"): 

..... As the Organization was formed to pool resources together to avoid duplication of both human and financial resources, Member States have advantage of economies of scale. This in turn releases scarce resources for the Member States to spend on more pressing needs of their citizens."
Well done, ARIPO; over to you, OAPI.

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