Monday, 29 April 2013

A review of African official IP websites: no.41: Senegal

In March 2012, this Leo trawled the web in search of Senegalese Agency of Industrial Property and Innovation (ASPIT); but found nothing. Revisiting the March 2012 post, Afro-IP is grateful to see a comment posted in June 2012 by one of its readers from Bulgaria which draws our attention to the fact that a website does exist for ASPIT. Again, this Leo is left curious as to why he did not come across ASPIT's website as of March 2012: was it an oversight or did the website come to life after our post in March 2012? (The copyright mark at the bottom of the web page reads 2012; probably an indication of its birth year?, asks Afro Leo)

When this Leo was carrying out his research for the 2011/2012 A-Z campaign, one of the websites visited, for each country, was But he must admit that since the start of the A-Z review,  he has not visited WIPO's website in search of updates. Well, that changes from today since WIPO now has its eyes on these IP offices.

Regardless, Afro-IP is very pleased to see a nice and an up-to-date website ( for the Senegalese IP office. We hope to see more of this as we progress in our review of the remaining IP offices across Africa.

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