Friday, 14 June 2013

Anti-Counterfeit Friday - call for assistance

tackling counterfeet is much easier
It might be fish on Friday, lunch on Friday, movies on Friday or perhaps even, if you are really lucky, sex on Friday, but for Afro-IP it has always been a more serious pastime - Anti-Counterfeit Friday - a series of posts highlighting the plight of Africa's single largest problem affecting IP- counterfeiting.

Today, on the back of what the World Customs Organisation and the Institute of Research against Counterfeit Medicines are claiming, in a press release, as an operation of "unequalled scale across 23 African countries" in which "more than 1 billion illicit products [were] seized in 10 days, of which 550 million were medicines", this blog is calling for information to be sent here to help resurrect the weekly post. If you would like to volunteer to help compile and publish the post, please also let us know.

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