Monday, 24 June 2013

East Africa - IP services in demand

The Lawyer - East Africa Special Report
The Lawyer has published a well researched and comprehensive article on the development of legal services in East Africa stating that both local and international firms have much to gain by consolidating in the region.

The article is written off the back of developments in the oil and gas industry and cites numerous voices from law firms that focus on cross border deals in this industry in that region. Some of the firms mentioned have strong or developing IP capabilities that are benefiting from this interest through tie-ups with international or other African based firms and increasingly, in their own right.

With growth in the region quoted by The Lawyer to be based on natural resources and related deal work, Afro Leo notes opportunities for firms that understand how to deal with tech transfer and IP that can be created and protected in these industries. With a growing middle class there also will be increasing work for IP firms dealing in traditional IP registration and enforcement issues - last week's post on look-a-like litigation in Uganda is an example of that. However, East Africa has aspirations beyond an economy based on natural resources and consequently opportunities for firms with full service IP capabilities look particularly rosy.

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