Tuesday, 11 June 2013

ICTSD Policy Brief on LDCs in search of a reviewer

IP Trends in African LDCs and the LDC TRIPS Transition Extension, by Fikremarkos Merso, is ICTSD Policy Brief No.16. According to the media release accompanying it:
"This Policy Brief by Fikremarkos Merso (Addis Ababa University School of Law) provides an overview of the intellectual property landscape in African LDCs, in the context of the current LDC TRIPS extension debate. The brief shows that African LDCs are at different stages with regard to TRIPS implementation and they continue to face immense challenges towards building their technological base, thus their need for continuous flexibility and policy space. At the same time, the key issue is not whether African LDCs need extended flexibility - which appears to be obvious under current circumstances - but rather how to make better use of existing flexibilities in relation to IP protection and enforcement.

Extending the transition period under TRIPS is just one step. There is also a need to address the underlying issues beyond extension such as helping LDCs build their technological base and better integrating IP and development, rather than focusing on mere implementation and compliance. Comprehensive work is required to identify trends, gaps, successes and challenges facing African LDCs in this area. Finally, the issue of the LDC TRIPS extension should be considered in the context of LDCs that are in the process of WTO accession.

The policy brief is available here".
Afro-IP welcomes offers to review this Policy Brief.

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