Friday, 30 August 2013

IP policies in Africa - no. 2 Angola

Continuing with the African IP Policy series, this week we visit Angola to  find out if it has an IP policy; if so, to review it; and if not, to determine if there are any plans to draft one.

Angola does not have an IP policy ( see the country's WIPOLex entry here). IP has been considered in the context of other national policies, albeit briefly. The Angolan government launched a Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) framework in 2011, which consists of  a National Policy for STI (NPSTI), a National Strategy for STI (NSSTI) and a Coordinating Mechanism of the National System of STI (CMNSSTI)The NPSTI briefly refers to IP but does not articulate an IP policy. 
This Leo was unable to find any information on the preparation of an IP policy. However, according to the WIPO Technical Assistance Database, Angola was a participant in the  African Conference on the Strategic Importance of IP Policies to foster Innovation, Value Creation and Competitiveness and the ECOSOC Regional Preparatory Meeting held in Tanzania in March 2013 (see conference program here  and Kingsley's comments on these events here). Perhaps such participation is indicative if the country's intention to draft an IP policy in the future? 


International Law Researcher said...

How about "Law No. 3/92 on Industrial Property of February 28, 1992 (1992)"??????

Caroline Ncube said...
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Caroline Ncube said...

Dear International Law Researcher, That legislation - Law No. 3/92 on Industrial Property of February 28, 1992 (1992) and Law No. 4/90 of March 10, 1990 on Author's Rights (1990)are referred to in the post via the hyperlink to the country's WIPOLex entry. The purpose of this series is to find policies, not legislation