Monday, 2 December 2013

South African Intellectual Property Law Journal (IPLJ) - first issue

The first issue of South African Intellectual Property Law Journal (IPLJ) edited by Lee-Ann Tong and Caroline Ncube (this Leo) is now in print.
The IPLJ strives to be the journal of choice for academics, practitioners and students of IP law. The IPLJ includes articles on recent developments in legislation, policy and case law to keep IP practitioners at the forefront of the law.
Contents Include:
• Articles
• Deprivation of trademarks through state interference in their usage - Owen Dean
• Some comments on the infringement of registered trademarks by advertisement of goods on the internet - Bernard Martin
• Justifications for copyright: the moral justifications - Sadulla Karjiker
• Rights in a performance in Kenya - Ben Sihanya
• Reconciling repair and reconstruction of patented articles in the US, UK, Germany and South Africa - Sophia Czarnocki
• Is compliance enough: can the goals of intellectual property rights be achieved in South Africa? - Bernard Maister, Caspar van Woensel
• Sport as a brand and its legal protection in South Africa - Owen Dean
• Notes and updates
• Comment on the Green Paper for post-school education and training - Shihaam Shaikh
• Confusion and the bounds of trade mark monopolies: Foschini v Coetzee - Jeremy Speres
• The panados and panadon’ts of trade mark registrations: recent developments regarding trademarks used in the pharmaceutical industry - Marius Roetz
• Book reviews
• Susan Isiko Strba: International Copyright Law and Access to Education in Developing Countries: Exploring Multilateral Legal and Quasi-Legal Solutions
• E du Plessis, S Brown and D Tanziani (eds): Adams and Adams: Practitioners’ Guide to Intellectual Property Law

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