Friday 3 January 2014


ZIPO benefits from ARIPO's determination to embrace ICT

Last year this Leo was delighted to see ARIPO's revamped website. Now, we are about to see something phenomenal with the news that a project to further upgrade and modernise the ICT Infrastructure of the organisation has already begun. 

Excerpts from the news report reads: 
"The project cost is estimated to be 5.8 million USD and will be implemented in two years. The project will provide an Intellectual Property (IP) Automation System to support major activities of IP administration of the ARIPO Office, and those of its Member States, to develop online public services and the Automation of IP administration procedures and therefore allowing ARIPO to offer e-services, ICT equipment and transfer of the necessary knowledge, technology and know-how to the IP experts.

The project will also allow linkage between ARIPO and the IP Offices of its Member States. ZIPO was selected as a PILOT Partner in the first phase. Upon successful completion of the first phase the project will be extended to the remaining 17 countries Member States of ARIPO."

This Leo is not sure who is sponsoring this project; but, present at the launch ceremony were, among others, the Ambassador of the Republic of South Korea to Zimbabwe and representatives from WIPO and Korean IP office (KIPO). (Afro Leo would be interested to know if WIPO is partly funding this considering its increasing back seat role). Best guess: South Korea. Since Zimbabwe is ARIPO's headquarters, its IP office gladly benefits as well. Well, it is high time ZIPO had an opportunity to live the digital life. 

ARIPO, with Fernando Dos Santos at the helm, impresses yet again. 



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