Wednesday 26 February 2014

Darren Olivier

AFRO-IP Linkedin requests

Indira TK has posted the following update on the Afro-IP Linkedin Group Forum - can anyone assist her?

"The Ugandan Industrial Property Bill that was passed last year (August 22, 2013), has been signed into Law by the President on January 06, 2014 (ed- thanks for this). 

The Act indeed incorporate the provisions like the elimination of criminal sanctions for patent infringement, included model provisions on TRIPS waivers on pharmaceuticals, patentability criteria for the case of Novelty steps-left to persons highly skilled in the art to determine Newness of an invention among many other good provisions. 

In particular, Section 8(3)(f) excludes pharmaceutical products and test data from patent protection until January 01, 2016 or such other period as may be granted to Uganda or least developed countries. Can any one provide clarity on whether the patents that are already been granted (through ARIPO) be enforced according to the new law i.e. from January 01, 2016? 

Oh, and there is a also request for a worldwide trademark filing project by Zafaraullakhan, You can reach him here.

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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