Monday 3 February 2014


International Patent Forum 2014, 18 - 19 March, London - Afro-IP reader discount rate inside

They went to great lengths (or in other words, bothered) to rank African-based IP firms last year and included African IP in the 2013 International Patent Forum agenda. This year, we hear that they are doing the latter, again. Going forward, you now know who they are.

What is it?

Managing IP magazine cordially invites you to attend the 4th annual International Patent Forum at The Waldorf Hilton Hotel, London, on 18th and 19th March 2014

Who will be attending?

At this two-day event, you will meet over 250 leading patent lawyers from over 25 countries, including world leaders in corporations, public health, sciences and international leading IP experts who will discuss and impart valuable knowledge. Past delegates' list can be found here, while confirmed speakers can be seen in this draft agenda (for an up-to-date web version, see here).

What is the registration fee for an Afro-IP reader?

This event is FREE for in-house IP and patent counsels, R&D professionals and academics to attend. To register, click here. Advisers, consultants, private practitioners, service providers can get a discount - details of which can be found here.  

Is the agenda relevant to an African-based IP practitioner?

Generally, yes. Day 2 is obviously relevant because that is where Africa is featured. While looking at the draft agenda, one might as well ignore the mention of "USA", "Europe" and so on simply because, it is only a matter of time before African countries experience the same issues. Also, you can substitute, in most parts, the word "Patent" for "IP" considering that some of the discussions may apply to other IP rights. 


The International Patent Forum is a proven platform to acquire basic practical patent/IP knowledge at a global level as well as network with potential sources of IP work from outside the continent. The inclusion of an African agenda, for the second year running, can further help remind global IP event organisers that the continent has come of age to be easily put aside - perhaps, due to publicity via blogs such as this one and others including IP-Watch and IPKat.

This Leo can remember the networking reception at IPKat's 10th birthday where someone asked him: "I hear a lot about the economic growth in Africa; what is really going on? Are there business opportunities for IP firms? Well, readers can be rest assured that this Leo's general response was in the affirmative. It would be worthwhile for the 'leading' African-based IP firms to participate, in one way or another, at events such as this one.



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