Wednesday, 30 April 2014

IP policies in Africa no. 20: Gabon

Having recovered from Freedom Day and World IP Day festivities, this Leo is back with a brief report on Gabon. Gabon does not have an IP policy nor does one seem to be on the cards (see WIPO's technical assistance database here and here).

In the post on Equitorial Guinea here, this Leo mentioned that there had been some indication that OAPI, of which Gabon is a member, had initiated work on an IP policy, which seems to have stalled. Any information on this from Afro-IP readers would be very welcome.

IP Laws on WIPOLex 
Kingley's official IP websites series - 20112012, 2013
Adams and Adams Africa IP Law Guide - Gabon
WIPO Magazine 'Health Research in Africa: Sharing IP Resources to Deliver Results' (2007)

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