Thursday, 15 May 2014

IP policies in Africa no. 21: The Gambia

As reported by Afro-Leo in 2012 (here) The Gambia has been working on an IP Policy with the assistance of WIPO. WIPO has reported  on such assistance in its reports to the UN entitled 'WIPO support to NEPAD in collaboration with other United Nations Agencies' in 2012 and 2013 (available here and here respectively). In May 2013, Minister Lamin Jobarteh, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, said “We have initiated the process of formulating a National Intellectual Property Policy and Strategy with the support of WIPO. The need assessment component has been completed and the draft of the policy is expected to begin soon.” (see Sherriff Barry's report in the Daily Observer  here). This Leo was unable to find any information on the progress of the drafting of the policy after May 2013 and calls upon Afro-IP readers in the know to send any updates they may have.
WIPOLex: IP Laws and treaty membership here 'Gambia: Country to Formulate National Intellectual Property Policy' 25/04/2012 - here 

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