Thursday 26 June 2014


INLEX opens in Cameroon

Here's a new development, involving French law firm INLEX:

"After developing continuously its expertise during 20 years in France, INLEX IP EXPERTISE is now recognized on an international level. Spurred on by its founding partners Eric SCHAHL and Franck SOUTOUL, who were involved in many important cases in AIPO and ARIPO areas in collaboration with local attorneys, INLEX has decided to open an office for the support and protection of their customers’ interests in AFRICA.

Because we wanted to be in the heart of the IP activity in Africa, we chose to open our office near the AIPO Office, in Yaoundé (Cameroon): Chapelle Essos, Yaounde 5th arrondissement, BP 25082, YAOUNDE, CAMEROON ..."
INLEX AFRICA's website is here.

This blogger is always encouraged by the opening by foreign firms of offices in Africa: it's a sign that they see prospects of profit, which means that they are happy to invest in Africa in the expectation of getting a good return on their investment.  More importantly, increased competition in any domestic market within Africa helps to keep fees down for users of local IP systems, improves career prospects of IP practitioners there and generally raises the standard of professional expertise all round.



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